Fraud Policy

Fraud Policy

Quick Scrap Buyer Chennai understands that fraudsters are getting more cosmopolitan in how they attack online individuals or merchants, but Quick Scrap Buyer Chennai is also getting more cosmopolitan to detect & resolve them timely.

Digital payment fraud is a reality of the internet age where we live in and the numbers are only set to increase with the increasing digital adoption in the generation of India. As fact, the best weapon against any problem is education and its utilization in this era. With technology, Quick Scrap Buyer Chennai came into an existence with the pioneer in its specific working fields.

Apart from the essential protocols, Quick Scrap Buyer Chennai has its processes (developed in-house by our tech professionals) to detect and prevent fraud and mitigate risk. As a digital payment service platform for individuals, merchants & business sellers, so we take data security very seriously. With zero fraud system, we are constantly building new effective system to minimize the upcoming digital & sophisticated digital crook.

By developing our data and analyzing patterns, we are able to institute processes that ably discern between a ‘regular’ and a ‘suspicious’ transaction with credible accuracy. Quick Scrap Buyer Chennai knows that any services using fraudster payments method are serious offense as per government norms. That is why each & every transactions at Quick Scrap Buyer Chennai take place by an official account of Quick Scrap Buyer Chennai.

Quick Scrap Buyer Chennai ensures that user’s information shall be used only to improve our security system and safeguard them from any fraudulent behavior. Quick Scrap Buyer Chennai doesn’t entertain any suspicious activity and prosecuted with law of extent.

Note: Quick Scrap Buyer Chennai entitled to capture and analyzes of user & its ISP provider ID & address. If any suspicious or fraudulent activity observed, so recorded information may be used for legal proceedings against culpable user or group. We take stringent measures to ensure that such data privacy breaches don’t occur.